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    yоÓֲг̎r]|ܷr£ywyоy׃yTwyU~סPwb䷽ʽᣬ¶yоͨ^ҎyUcyо֏Bӣ@ӾͿ^mCyTܷ̎⣬ɧɩӰԺ,58ͬƸ,ºڰʥ´_After the bonnet is removed, except for the special valve, the wedge Angle of the valve core is in the friction Angle field. No matter how the pressure on the two end faces of the valve core changes, the valve core will not extrude itself from the seat under the condition of self-locking, and there is no extruded situation for the flat valve core.

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        4Will be taken out of the stem and the valve core re-connection, the general stem and the valve core recovery connection are using welding method, this method is very good in the valve core is easy to fall off the waterline, wind line and steam line, even if the valve core seat seal is not tight, there is leakage of the medium, as long as it does not affect the construction, can be used.

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